Our board is here to serve you

Michele Overy- President

It didn’t take long to decide to join the board. I had recently semi-retired and was looking to serve the community. I understood the need to develop a caring community for special needs youth and their parents because of the newsletters I receive. I look forward to making new relationships while working with the board on growing this excellent program.

Christine Albers- Vice President

I joined the board of Our Place because its purpose is essential to many families I have met through my work as an occupational therapist in Hastings. The challenges families with children with special needs face are many. The program at Our Place addresses one of those challenges - a safe and supportive after-school environment. My experience as an occupational therapist in Hastings guides the board in meeting its goals.

Sonya Latta- Treasurer

I am so thankful for Our Place After School Care, not only are they the only care center that take care of special needs students that have aged out of regular daycares, but they understand our teens and can adapt to each of their special needs.

Dusty Haase- Member at Large

I was looking for ways to serve the community after recently retiring. I understood the need to create a caring atmosphere for special needs children while school wasn't in session from their newsletter. This organization gives parents the solution to after-school care. I have enjoyed being a part of Our Place, moving to a new location, and opening a small store run by volunteer help. Many of the items sold in the store are hand-crafted by the participants in the program. I look forward to watching this organization grow while providing a safe place for the young people we serve.

Jody Hitesman-
Member at Large

As an Our Place After School Program Board Member, I feel I can provide specific knowledge or expertise to the organization to really make a difference. I am passionate about this wonderful opportunity for students with special needs to have an adequate after-school program that fits each student's individual needs.

Wade Johnson-
Member at Large

I am thankful my teen with developmental disabilities joyfully looks forward to an after-school program structured with her needs in mind. As a parent, it gives relief and safety to have this place for my daughter as I finish the workday.

Kathy Johnson-
Member at Large

I decided to become an Our Place board member because of the rewarding relationship with a mentally challenged individual that developed from my occupation as a nurse. Our Place provides opportunities to build meaningful relationships for our teens and the community.

Dave Van Patten-
Member at Large

I am glad I volunteered for the Our Place program and joined the board. I’ve seen the smiles on the kids' faces and have heard their laughter which touches my heart. I’ve seen the kids grow in confidence and life skills. The kids at the Our Place program learn social skills, academic skills, and, most importantly, teamwork and acquire friendships. I am proud to be part of the Our Place program.

Ellyn Lines-
Member at Large

I was recently asked to serve on the board of Our Place After School Care. Since retiring from education, being on the board allows me to share ideas and help provide positive experiences for 13-21-year-old developmentally disabled students. I look forward to working with members of the board who are all passionate and committed to providing a safe and positive place for students.

Jenifer Phinney-
Member at Large

I joined Our place board to help with the younger age group of individuals with intellectual disabilities. I want to expand my knowledge to a wider age range of individuals with intellectual disabilities. To ensure these individuals have every recourse and opportunity to lead a happy, successful life.

Our staff is here to serve you

Addie Johnson- Executive Director

In August 2018, Our Place After School Care started an after-school program for teens with disabilities, the first of its kind in Nebraska. There are now programs in the two largest cities of eastern Nebraska. Our Place is the only program outside of those cities. Why is that? Funding sources and qualified people to staff a developing program are limited in smaller communities. The need for the service is there; resources need to be improved. In November of 2022, our program wanted our teens to experience a level of independence gained by productive work that gives a monetary return. We opened a store called Freedom Factory where our teens can sell the items they create on commission. We continue to blaze a trail for other communities to provide this needed service for their families who care for teens with disabilities.


Zipporah Brown- Website Designer and Technical Expert

I will be forever thankful for what the program has done for my family. It has provided my parents with the ability to go to work. Other siblings will no longer have to be the after-school caregiver.
I joined the Our Place After School Care team to help spread the word about the program that makes a difference in the lives of other families who have teens with disabilities. You can help the care by donation and sharing the news with others!