Call For The Future

Our Place receives call after call from parents asking to have the hours of the program extended because their teen is dismissed from school at 1:00 pm or other early dismissal times from school. We also receive calls from parents of children under the age of 13 who have nowhere to go because daycares are not able to provide the extra care their children need. It is heartbreaking each time a request of this nature must be declined because resources are not sufficient at this time to provide for their needs. How will our community respond to these needs?

Our 5-year plan projects that Our Place After School Care will move to a location where both teens’ and childrens’ areas would be available and Our Place would have the ability to extend our hours to better meet the needs of teens and their families. Assisting these families, who are a part of our community, to meet the need to care for their young children and teens gives families the opportunity to be more productive community members.

As a member of this community, will you assume the responsibility of helping to provide these much-needed services for these families?

We cannot do this without your support!